A Clever companion
in your everyday

Oslo - Santa Teresa, CR - Tel Aviv

Studio Schermann are launching their first collection in spring 2019. The products are made for both the urban lifestyle and the traveller with effortless use. A Studio Schermann piece will be a clever companion in your everyday life; hence the natural colors, durable materials and functional details. The products are made out of high quality, solid yet soft Italian leather with a unique touch.

All the products are made to last. Excellent quality is the essence of Studio Schermann. The basic collection will never be totally replaced but developed and refined. Some models may be added, and some models may be swapped over time. A Studio Schermann is a classic piece that doesn’t follow a trend but rather a way of living.

Studio Schermann was founded by fashion designer Cathrine Schermann in Oslo 2012. Cathrine grew up with a strong connection to fashion and a sense of having to continue the family legacy of her great grandmother Irma. A well known fashion designer in Berlin before the second world war, Irma fled with her family and never continued working in the field. 

Joined by Louise Kahn, a graphic designer and entrepreneur based in Tel Aviv and Costa Rica, the two have created a creative space where inspiration is found in the journey in between cities, continents, encounters and experiences.  

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